SPECIAL REPORT: Wellbeing Checklist for Primary

During this time of Coronavirus, many of us have experienced a variety of emotions ranging from fear to anxiety. All of these are considered to be normal and natural responses to any challenging situation that can often result in our minds telling us all kinds of scary stories.

This can be especially true for our young people, for whom uncertainty and disruption is less than ideal. Many of these ‘what if’ stories will often predict the worst and are considered not helpful. It is therefore vitally important for adult carers to remain vigilant for any signs of distress, even though your child may not have any prior history of a mental health disorder. Early intervention, diagnosis and treatment have never been more important.

If you do have any concerns relating to your child’s mental health, you may wish to consider using the assessment tool provided by Beyond Blue. The checklist aims to measure a broad range of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties your child may be experiencing and is suitable for kids from 4 years of age.

Click here to access the Beyond Blue Assessment Tool. Note: For New Zealand audiences the Beyond Blue site references Australian phone numbers. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact your school for further information or seek medical or professional help.



Does your child experience feelings of sadness or hopelessness?
Does your child have difficulty going or staying asleep?
Have you recently noticed a change in your child’s behaviour? Select all that apply
Have you recently sought advice from a medical practitioner relating to your child’s mental health or wellbeing?
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