SPECIAL REPORT: Parenting Styles

Raising children can bring great joy as you watch them grow and develop into unique individuals. The relationship parents and caregivers have with their children will have a huge influence on their lives. Most parents learn about parenting ‘on the job’ and grow into their role with experience.

Whilst there are several parenting styles discussed in this special report, children benefit most when parents are warm and loving, providing clear guidance and support. Understanding more about different parenting styles and their affects on children, will help you decide what kind of style you may want to adopt.

To help you determine which style of parenting you use, complete the quiz below. Once complete, a report can be emailed to you with your results.

Questions Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat agree or disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
What would you do if another parent tells you that your teenage daughter has a love interest?

Your son’s room is a mess and needs to be cleaned, but he has made plans to play soccer with his friends in the morning. What do you do?

Your daughter borrows your expensive new camera for an excursion and promises to look after it. Upon return it, she tells you that a friend used it and broke it. However, upon closer inspection, it's obvious that it fell into some water. What do you say?
Your 7-year-old son has been acting up at school and his teacher notifies you that he's been hitting other children in the playground. How do you react?

Your 6-year-old daughter is afraid of the dark convinced there's a boogieman hiding under her bed. What do you do?

The family pet has died suddenly and your 9-year-old son is very upset. How do you deal with the situation?
Your usually vibrant and attentive teenage son has become somewhat reclusive and quiet. What do you do?
If my partner made an important decision regarding our children, without discussing it, how would I feel about this?
A police officer brings home your teenage son who skipped school and was caught smoking marijuana. How do you react?
I want my children to:
Your son comes home with newly dyed purple hair. What do you say?
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